© 2017 Gareth J K Johnson

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This is one of latest sketch studies of a Short Eared Owl.
Short Eared Owl in Pencil
This is one of latest sketch studies of a Eagle Owl.
Eagle Owl in Pencil
This large piece is one of my first paintings of an Eagle owl.  I love birds of prey and they are my favourite birds to paint. when ever I get the chance to visit Muncaster Castle I enjoy watching the Falconry display featuring the eagle owls in flight.
Eagel Owl Watercolour
Original snowy owl watercolour painting and prints.
Snowy owl Watercolour
This is a print of  a Barn Owl taken from my original watercolour painting. I love owls and they are my favorite birds to paint. this painting was inspired by the barns that were next to the the holiday cottage we stayed in in south wales.
Barn Owl Watercolour Painting